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Traditional Bookcase Plan: the Kirkwood

Even though I recently joined the ranks of those who download books from iTunes, I still see a bright future for the bookcase. Some day an actual printed book my go the way of the eight-track tape, but the bookcase is just too much of a multi-purpose piece of furniture to disappear in the same way.

In addition to being a place for book storage, the typical bookcase can house everything from photos to collectables – just about anything worth displaying can find a place on the shelves of a bookcase.

I call this one Kirkwood. It is named after a stunning antebellum home in Eutaw, Alabama; built in 1858 (see it here). I have built so many bookcases, I am running out of names for them so I have begun turning to historic homes for inspiration.

Kirkwood is very traditional in style and medium in height – 51 inches tall. The bracket feet set the tone for the piece. These feet are similar to the ones found on my bedside table project, except I gave these a little more height. I like the vertical lines formed by the ship-lapped back. And, the molding at the top is simple to make, and appropriate for the traditional look of the piece.

Here are some images of the woodworking plan…

Kirkwood Bookcase Page 1

The first step in construction is forming the case.

The first step in construction is forming the case.

Base construction

Here the final steps for adding the base are shown.

The woodworking plan features:

  • Eleven pages
  • A full cut list
  • Many color illustrations with exploded views
  • Close-up views
  • Handy construction tips

Download this plan FOR FREE!
Click the link below to begin your instant download. This breaks all the rules concerning online marketing, but I do not collect your email address and I have no way of knowing who is downloading this woodworking plan. This means no emails or spam will follow your download. The only thing I do ask is that you consider following my blog. To follow, see the follow box at the upper right of this page.

FREE – Click here to dowload the Kirkwood bookcase.

I have triple checked the plan for accuracy. Be sure to fully understand the construction process prior to building your dining table. If you have any questions about the construction process, send me a message by using the form on my contact page.

See additional free woodworking plans by clicking here.


  1. That bookcase is one of my favorite designs. It fits both physically and syle wise in just about any room and you can make it using pine to walnut to mahogany.

    • Bill, as far as the size goes, I know what you mean. So many of the bookcases I have built are large, being between six and eight feet tall. This one is a nice size and you are right about the wood options.

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