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Terry B. Builds the Queen Size Bed

Terry B.'s take on my Queen Size Bed project plan.

Terry B.’s take on my Queen Size Bed project plan.

This is impressive work. Terry B. from California just completed a woodworking project based on the Queen Size Bed plan I have at Sawtooth Ideas. Terry’s project is impressive to me because he is still in his early days of woodworking. While the joinery in this bed isn’t especially difficult, the bed becomes a large project as completion nears. Large projects, even those with basic joinery, often present some difficulty simply due to their size. Terry took a sizable project and successfully completed it.

Lets take a look at some photos…

Terry has been woodworking for just 14 months. He gains inspiration for projects by scanning woodworking magazines and browsing on the internet. His woodworking is 90% power tool and 10% hand tool (about like me).

I asked him about his favorite tool; Terry’s reply: “My favorite shop tool is my table saw basically because I have respect for it. I recognize and appreciate all the benefits of using it and understand the bodily injuries it could inflict on me if I become careless when using it.”

He changed one part of the bed design by altering the finials. Terry found some finials at which he liked and they add a nice touch to his bed.

Terry continues to explore bed construction. His next woodworking project will be a traditional bed design from the May, 2013 issue of WOOD magazine.

Nice work Terry!

See my free Queen Size Bed plan by clicking here. See the build process I went through by clicking here.


  1. Russ and Jane, yes really good work on Terry’s part. It is exciting to see one of my woodworking plans come to life.

  2. J.L. Riley says

    I have known Terry for years, his background is based in large, industrial, rotating machinery so he is used to dealing with precision fits and close tolerances… but to see him apply this to dealing with unforgiving wood, makes the completed project even more impressive.

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