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et cetera 04.20.13

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This installment of et cetera is heavy on video. All of it extra good in some way, so grab a cold beverage, sit back and enjoy…

Sideboard Building Process Handmade by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers – Matthew Wolfe and Moriah Doucette are prolific woodworkers and they do woodworking the way I would like to do it. They utilize a mix of hand tool and power tool woodworking processes to create period authentic furniture. In this video, they create a Hepplewhite and Sheraton style sideboard. I often watch such videos by Doucette and Wolfe so I can gain some insight into the techniques they use to make such handsome furniture. Masters of the hand plane, they often show slow motion segments where you can see ribbons of wood fly from a hand plane (example at 1:40 into the video).

The Foot Powered (Treadle) Lathe – I would like to have a treadle lathe some day, not one as large as what you see in this video, but hopefully using some of the technique shown; a cool video. The only question I would have for Chris Quetico would be about the plans. Did he just sketch the design out or did he find it online?

Student Builds Bentwood Laminated Lamp Design from WoodWorks – from David J. Marks and the link will take you to a photo from a DJM blog post. It is the largest bandsaw I have ever seen, and I have seen some big ones. See the full blog post here.

Custom Engraving by Catharine Kennedy – Mrs. Kennedy will engrave your hand planes in such a way I think even Chris Schwarz would be jealous. Exceptional work.

Acorn Bed Building Process by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers – I said these guys are prolific. I’d like to know how many projects they complete in a year. In this video: the building process for a sweet looking bed.

Charles Rohlfs Coal Hod Inspired Coffee Table – from Fine, photos of a very unique coffee table by Woodbridge Woodworking. I like the old world look and the large segmented turning had to be challenging. See the same project at Lumberjocks here.

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