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A Project that will be Treasured Forever

At work building the queen size bed.

At work building the queen size bed.

Friday night, after an especially difficult day at work, out of nowhere, I got a present. An email was sent my way which said the following:

Your woodworking plans for a queen size bed frame gave my 83 year old dad and me a wonderful project that I will treasure forever.  Your plans cut down on the brain work we had to do, and we just had a great time building it.

Of all the comments I have received concerning my queen size bed woodworking plan, this is the best – “a wonderful project that I will treasure forever.” So, creating woodworking plans are fun and at times difficult; but they can also be just as rewarding as making a treasured piece of furniture. To Anne E. of Kentucky, I say a heartfelt thank you for sending me the email.

I asked if there were any photos of the construction process and there were – see them below…






Anne provided additional details about the build process:

…we made a few alterations to the design but not many; your design was unbelievably helpful and easy to follow. One thing we did was lower the height of the mattress and box spring (I’m kind of short). We also made different finials on the lathe (were too short on time to make the ones you designed). The whole building process took 2 long weekends during the winter. I did the finishing work over the next few weeks, and then ordered a small plaque to go on the footboard that designates when we made it. It’s our best project ever (and we’ve made a lot of things over the years).

Again, Anne, thanks for sharing your experience.

This woodworking plan titled, Making a Queen Size Bed Step-by-Step is available free of charge. Here is a sample page from the woodworking plan…

Page 8

Additional Information

  • To download the queen size bed plan, click here.
  • To see the construction process which inspired this woodworking plan, click here. The blog posts are in reverse order, which I don’t like, but that is just the way blogs work.


  1. Very nice looking bed. They did a great job with it! There are so many great plans and projects to build that it almost depresses me that I don’t have the time to build them!

    • Oh I know, I have projects backed up for at least two years. I keep thinking about building a chair, but I must get my shop in shape. Been putting it off too long.

  2. David Scott says

    It is always good to receive positive response. Best wishes on your new blog site.

  3. Megan Schultz says

    I’m thinking about making this but instead of the wood u used instead useing tree branches from a vineyard they just trimmed for the summer Cherry’s

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