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Woodworking Plan: You Can Build an Architectural Bookcase

This woodworking plan reveals a versatile project. In the configuration shown above, it is a bookcase. It can easily be converted into a cabinet with the addition of doors. I plan to build this bookcase to house hand and power tools later this year. Most likely, I’ll add doors, maybe even glass doors like the bookcase which inspired the design.

Architectural Bookcase

This plan continues on an “easy” theme I have used over the years. While it is somewhat large, the project is easy to execute due to it being composed of two sections: a lower cabinet and an upper. The bookcase is seven feet tall and 42 inches at its widest point.

The moldings are all easily fabricated using common cove and round-over router bits. And the feet can be ordered on-line already turned and ready to go. Here are some example screenshots of the plan (click them to enlarge)…

Architectural Bookcase 1

Architectural Bookcase 7

Architectural Bookcase 12

You Can Build an Architectural Bookcase contains the following features:

  • The plan is fourteen pages in length.
  • It has orthographic views showing dimensions
  • A cutlist showing component sizes
  • A number of exploded views showing construction steps

Download this plan FOR FREE
Click the link below to begin your instant download. This breaks all the rules concerning online marketing, but I do not collect your email address and I have no way of knowing who is downloading this woodworking plan. This means no emails or spam will follow your download. The only thing I do ask is that you consider following my blog. You will find the “follow by email” box in the right sidebar of my blog.


Now, a note: The links in this plan don’t currently work. To fix this, I need to buy a $189.00 font which was standard on my old MS Publisher software, but is not available with the newest version. I’m not going to spend this kind of money on a font. This font is used repeatedly throughout the plan, so I am going to have to take the time to insert an alternate font. In the meantime, the connector bolt on page 11 is a 1/4″ 20TPI 40mm bolt which you can buy at Home Depot (the corresponding threaded insert is there as well). Rockler also carries a 1-1/8″ length connector bolt, but that gives you only 3/8″ of connection, which is adequate, but I’d like more.

If you have any questions about the construction process, send me a message by using the form on my About/Contact page.

See more of my FREE woodworking plans – bookcases, tables, even a bed, by clicking here. These plans are detailed and include a cut list and multiple exploded illustrations. Most plans are free.

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