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The Trundle Tornado Bed

The Tornado Bed in trundle form

The Tornado Bed in trundle form

It is so much fun to get the occasional email where a woodworker has downloaded one of my woodworking plans and has a completed project as a result.

I received an email this afternoon from Jim of Mississippi, who had a significant connection with my queen size bed woodworking plan. I made the bed, known as the Tornado Bed, and donated it to tornado relief; the result of a horrific day in 2011 in which 63 tornadoes destroyed many areas of northern Alabama.

On that same day, Jim was living in north Alabama and was an executive at a small hospital. When the tornadoes struck, his hospital went without power for about two days. Areas near his hospital were struck by an EF-3 tornado along with two EF-5s, the highest category for tornadoes.

So when Jim happened upon my blog, not only did he have an interest in a bed woodworking plan, there was a connection between what he experienced and the bed I built. Jim included his phone number along with an invitation for a phone call. I took him up on it and we must have talked for 30 minutes.

Jim's adaptation

Jim’s adaptation

Jim took the basic look of the Tornado Bed and transformed it to fit his needs. The bed was altered in size, joinery and material – he chose cypress which is plentiful in Mississippi. Jim’s design incorporates a trundle stored under the bed and when raised forms a queen size bed. Pretty cool. In the photo above, Jim’s bed features a pleasing golden wood color with handsome grain.

Congratulations to Jim; his bed is super nice!

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  1. Jim jeansonne says

    Hey Jeff,

    Very nice write-up. Enjoyed our talk. Let’s stay in touch. I really like the miter saw stand you built and would like to do one myself. You made a comment about the adequacy of the dust collection on the design. Any other comments after you have used it? I’ve got some thoughts, but they will make it less compact.

    Take care,


    Sent from my iPad


    • Jim – the dust collection is only mediocre. I suspect this is due to the poor dust port on my saw, but the shop vac is small which I sure plays a role in this. It is the largest vacuum that would fit in the cabinet, so a consideration would be to increase the size of the stand to handle a more powerful vac.

      But it does collect dust, so the result is better than before when I had no dust collection.

      Thanks for the email and photos; and I enjoyed our conversation!


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