SketchUp, Woodworking Plans in Progress
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Revised Media Cabinet

Revised media cabinet design (TV image is of woodworker Marc Spagnuolo).

Revised media cabinet design (TV image is of woodworker Marc Spagnuolo).

When I said the design for my large media cabinet was mostly set, I realized a major change was needed. First, let’s take a look at the previous design.

Large Media Console Gray 2

I got a lot of positive feedback on this design when posting images of it on Facebook. I actually had one inquiry from a friend asking if I could build it for his son. That may happen because I like this design a lot.

These days, a media cabinet should feature a place to store a center channel speaker. I have a basic home theater audio system and locating the center channel speaker either above or below the TV is a must. Hence the need for a re-design.

New three bay layout.

New three bay layout.

The changes to the SketchUp model were extensive. The look you see above is not too different from my daughter’s window seat bookcase – a larger center area flanked by two slightly more slender ones.

Note the large side panel and all the handsome maple.

Note the large side panel and all the handsome maple.

The design for the sides is basically the same thing I did for my daughter’s washer/dryer table. The only difference is the thick legs which are built up from multiple pieces of 1x stock. This cabinet is an example of how design elements from past projects can be pulled and used in new ways for a different look.

The arrangement of drawers and shelf space could be easily altered to fit the needs of the homeowner. Want more drawers? That’s easy to do as well as fewer drawers and more display space.

As designed, the cabinet box components are joined using dados, but pocket screws could also be used. Because the basic cabinet is painted, mixed materials can be used like plywood and pine. The figured tiger maple adds an element of higher craftsmanship and really serves to warm up the look of the piece.

Now, I think the design is set. I have already been toying with the look of the woodworking plan and I am thinking about a more graphic intensive look. Should be a fun plan to make. πŸ™‚


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