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Free Woodworking Plan: The Jackson Dresser

Free 34 Page Woodworking Plan and a Fully Detailed SketchUp Model.

When I create a woodworking plan, it is usually the result of a finished project, or a design that takes bits and pieces of various projects I have built over my past 33 years of woodworking. This woodworking plan is different. It is the first one I have published based on a reader request. I was contacted a few weeks ago by a reader who built two bedside tables based on one of my free woodworking plans. He and his wife wanted a matching double dresser. While I have built one dresser before, I have never created such a woodworking plan, and after a long break, I was getting the itch to make a new plan. So, The Jackson Dresser woodworking plan took off.


I have been complemented in the past on how detailed my woodworking plans are. I view these plans as teaching documents which hopefully move beginner woodworkers into more complex projects. The Jackson Dresser is about as detailed a plan as I have ever made. Each step is discussed and hopefully the images I have created explain the process better than my words. This plan is longish at 34 pages. For the first time, I have included a cutting diagram for the plywood components. I still don’t do this for solid stock because defects in lumber and finding the best grain in a board make cutting diagrams for wood marginal at best.

Some example pages…

Orthographic views of the front and side with major dimensions.

Orthographic views of the front and side with major dimensions.

The cut list; lots of parts with this dresser.

The cut list; lots of parts with this dresser.

The main exploded view showing a general view of construction.

The main exploded view showing a general view of construction.

A typical page showing a detailed illustration as well as text.

A typical page showing a detailed illustration as well as text.

Plywood material cutting diagram.

Plywood material cutting diagram.

I consider this as an intermediate level project due to the raised panel sides and fine fitting needed for good drawer movement. While I don’t specifically recommend hand planes in the plan, using a smoothing plane on a drawer side makes a good fit so much easier than sanding (if fitting is needed). Plus, this project has a lot of parts to fabricate using a hand-held router and a router table. I did design simplicity into the plan where possible. Instead of a multi-part web frame between rows of drawers, I opted for a single piece of plywood. Many of the drawer components are the same, so making these parts in batches helps keep the build process simple.

Download the Plan and SketchUp Model

So, let’s get to it. The link to download the plan is below (file size 14.5 MB)…


I have triple checked the plan for accuracy; a grueling task since there are so many numbers in it. I verified the part size individually using the SketchUp Cutlist extension. And then I checked it two more times. Also, this plan contains Amazon affiliate links on the Sources page. I now spend about $40.00 a month in fees to Adobe for software used in creating these plans. I want to keep these plans free, but I also need to at least break even on my investment, hence the reason for the affiliate links. You don’t pay more money for affiliate items, rather, Amazon sends me a small commission when I bring someone to their site.

The Jackson Dresser SketchUp model is available for download from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. Using SketchUp, which is also free to download, you can look at the Jackson Dresser in 3D, pull the model apart and see in greater detail how the project goes together. Plus, if you are a SketchUp user, you can take advantage of the pine and plywood materials on your own SketchUp models. The file size is 23.3 MB.


A fully detailed SketchUp model.

A fully detailed SketchUp model.

Read all the way through the plan a couple of times before you get started. If you have a question, contact me using the form on my About page.

UPDATE 07/28/18: See a finished Jackson Dresser completed by Scott M. of Wyoming by clicking here.


Scott M’s Jackson Dresser.


  1. Jim Maher says

    I’ve only just begun to digest this, but I’m very impressed with the level of work I see. Just amazing!

    Hopefully, your work will inspire me to improve the quality of my own work.

  2. Dave says

    Very impressive work with the dresser, the woodworking plans and the Sketchup model. The level of detail in the Sketchup model is unbelievable. It’s apparent that you have in depth knowledge with regards to construction of fine furniture. Very nice work.

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