The Liquor Box
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The Liquor Box, Part 3

It’s time in this project to use a live sawn board of walnut a friend gave me. Live sawn lumber is where a log is sent through a saw mill and slabs of wood are created much like seen in this video. So this board had all the bark on it and all the saw marks created by the mill were present.

There was a time when using this type of material would not have been possible for me. Actually, the time spans a majority of my woodworking past. Early on I saw the need to buy a jointer which I used primarily to obtain a straight edge on boards. The addition of a planer to create a smooth face came many years later. And I added a 8″ jointer to my workshop only recently. My original 6″ jointer was small enough that I did not use it to flatten faces of lumber. Now I can process lumber like this and I can even drive a short distance to the Alabama Woodworkers Guild and use the guild’s professional level workshop if need be (it has a big jointer and planers).

I have a lot of photos, so let’s get started…

The walnut board before milling.
Using my circular saw to break the board down into parts. I did this outside due to the mess it made.
After getting one straight edge, I remove the bark from the opposite side.
My new, used 8″ jointer flattens one face.
My planer flattens the opposite face.
After removing the sapwood, I begin to resaw the boards at the table saw.
Cleaned up using my planer.
Boards glued together and a rabbet added.
A test fit. The sides and lid of the box are taped together. I insert the walnut bottom and see how it all fits.
The fit is good. I like the color contrast.
The handle is not attached.

For my first try at using very rough lumber went surprisingly well. This walnut gets a rustic look from some defects which I’ll deal with in the next post. Overall, I am pleased with the look and have had few problems. An enjoyable project so far.

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