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New Woodworking Plan: the Telluride Dresser

Way back in May of 2018, I posted an image to Instagram of this dresser. It was just a design idea then; a design which I really liked. I had intended to make a woodworking plan based on this design, but for some reason, I put this project on hold. Recently though, I got to work on it and now I have a finished plan of what I’m calling the Telluride Dresser.

The twin v-groove leg design. This detail is also found in the drawer dividers.

My current goal with woodworking plans is to make them visually interesting and unique. With that in mind, I looked for what I call a visual hook; a design element which is different and appealing. I wanted to make the legs straight versus turned legs, but the basic straight leg adds nothing to the design. So I began looking for some way to add some style to these straight legs. What about a cove running the length of the leg? Ultimately, I settled on a twin “V” shaped groove for the outward faces of each leg (image above). Such a design would be easy to form with a table saw. So far, so good. I then repeated this design feature in the drawer dividers. This detail gives the Telluride Dresser it’s visual hook.

I also played around with the drawer arrangement. Originally, I designed the dresser with three columns of drawers with the outer two being narrow and the middle column being wide. I find that an odd number of drawers (in this case, three columns) is more visually interesting than an even number (two columns of drawers, four columns, etc.) See the original design below…

The original design; three columns of drawers.
Final drawer arrangement.

Ultimately, I decided that all the narrow drawers of the original design while visually interesting, were not all that functional. Meaning that the slender drawers would greatly limit what could be stored in them. The final design kept the slender drawers for the middle row, but the the top and bottom row feature wider drawers. I also graduated the drawers – their depth decreases from the bottom row upward. This provides a variety of drawer depths with the bottom row being big and roomy.


I tried to make this dresser less complex to build. It is basically a plywood box which is skinned with attractive lumber. I’m not sure this idea is actually easier but much of the dresser’s skeleton is assembled using glue and screws.

The image from page 16 showing the interior components.

The Telluride Dresser measures 47-1/4″ wide, 36″ tall and 19-1/4″ deep. The plan is 29 pages in length and includes a full cut list and a full material cutting diagram for both lumber and plywood components. There is a link in the plan for the SketchUp model as well. The plan features large color coded images with multiple exploded views as you progress through the plan. Some example pages…

Main dimensions.
The main exploded view.
Page 13 detailing the leg design.
Page 17, an overview of adding the back and face frame.
One of six pages dedicated to part placement on lumber/plywood.

Get the plan

This plan is available for purchase at my Etsy shop by clicking here. The cost is $14.99 and I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if for any reason you don’t like what you buy, I will provide a full refund.

See all of my Etsy woodworking plans by clicking here. And, I have a number of free woodworking plans. See them by clicking here.

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