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Could this be the best way to get woodworking magazines?

I have to watch how many monthly subscriptions I sign up for. Such things can add up to a lot of monthly $$$. From Spotify to my Adobe Acrobat monthly charge, the list can quickly become too much. But there is one woodworking related subscription which is money well spent and I think few people know about: Apple’s News+ service.

News+ is just that, a news service with a premium option allowing the viewing of a multitude of magazines and newspapers. Of interest to woodworkers are Wood, Popular Woodworking and Woodsmith magazines. And a magazine with an occasional woodworking article is Popular Mechanic. I only wish Fine Woodworking was a part of News+ but it isn’t. The monthly fee is $9.99. A great value when I add in all the other publications I read like, Car & Driver, Motortrend, Road & Track, Racer, Southern Living, Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, etc. etc.

Just a few of the magazines I read via Apple News+.

Magazines appear in one of two formats. Some are specially formatted for Apple devices enabling the user to tap on an article title from a contents page. The article is then formatted so you can scroll through it enabling the user to skip advertisements. Or you can swipe left to right to move through the magazine including ads.

The second format shows images of each magazine page while. Advertising appears just as it does in the print version of the magazine.

Magazines like Wood are formatted so you can scroll through an article.
Woodsmith and Popular Woodworking are presented in full page images.
Illustrations from Woodsmith, Popular Woodworking and Popular Mechanic are clear and easy to use.

The only way I know of to print what you see in your News+ app is to take a screen shot and print the image.

You can view your News+ subscription on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, but Windows users are out of luck. From what I see, you can’t access News+ from your Windows PC.

Just a tip for you guys. I get no financial or other support from Apple for writing this.

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