Kitchen Cabinet Reno
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Kitchen Renovation Completed

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to report that our kitchen renovation is finished. It is a GIGANTIC RELIEF to tell you that this project is now completed and I can move on to something new. And as I now enter our kitchen, there is a sense of GREAT PRIDE when I view what has been created. Hopefully the words in all caps help convey how I now feel.

The renovation of our kitchen cabinets and the update to the kitchen itself has been yet another long-term project for our home, beginning about a year ago. The cabinets gained new storage space at the top of the upper cabinets; 29 new doors were installed and five new drawers were built. Cabinet construction concluded in March of this year. Then there were months and months of delays as we searched for someone to professionally paint the cabinets.

But, in addition to painting the renovated cabinets, the total project included removal of the popcorn ceiling, new quartz counter tops were installed with a wide, deep sink and a modern faucet. Lights were installed under the upper cabinets and all of the existing light fixtures were replaced. We added a new tile back splash, new paint for the ceiling and walls. The refrigerator, stove and dish washer were replaced. Some wood trim in the room was repaired. And lastly, a stone pattern multi-width LVT floor was installed. Whew!!! Basically, a totally new kitchen has been created.

Before – the extremely dated kitchen.
After: So much better.

Note in the “before” photo the plywood panel at the top of the upper cabinets. The panels on the three sets of upper cabinets were removed enabling us to gain more storage space.

Stove upper cabinets before: note the scrap wood originally used to support the removed panel. I never liked the door design or the dark amber colored back splash.
Face frame and some new doors in place.
After: a nice coat of satin paint, crown molding in place, a soothing tile back splash and new hood for the new stove,
Before base cabinets. Old flooring, chipped paint on the doors, failing counter top.
A massive improvement. Note the multi-width LVT floor.
The opposite wall: new refrigerator is killer.

You may recall that this project was originally planned to be a minimal update. Even though the work on the cabinets was extensive, we did not originally plan for a total room renovation. We were planning on moving to a new home. But since the economy has cooled, we have decided to wait on moving and an almost total renovation occurred. In fact, not only has our kitchen been updated, most of the interior of our home has been painted, new light fixtures installed, our master bath has been extensively updated and we are currently making plans for new hardwood flooring to be installed throughout our main floor. Then new rugs, new art for the walls, etc.

My next project will be an update for our master bath vanity. The renovated kitchen cabinets made our master bath cabinets stand out as also dated and in need of an update. There is an interesting design problem to be worked out. More on that in my next post.

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  1. Looks great. Anyone that takes on a Kitchen renovation has the challenge of working around the center piece of a home. Great stuff!

    • So true. We where without a functioning kitchen sink and dish washer for several weeks. We now have a new appreciation for what can be done with our master bath tub. 🙂

  2. Looks great. I love the extra storage above. Well, I love everything about the transformation. The new backsplash really ties together the color of the appliances and the color of the cabinets. Great Pride is a worthy reward for this build. Well done.

  3. Looks absolutely great! You did a wonderful job there.

    Many years ago my wife and I had a similar choice – remodel or move. We remodel and stayed there for another six years before all the market, money, retirement fund were all aligned and we were able to make the right move. And the remodel had added enough value to the sale that it was completely worth it.

    • Hi Andrew. We are probably in this home for another 5-8 years at least. And I don’t have to think about moving my workshop for a while. 🙂

  4. Alden Snow says

    Awesome job, Jeff! We’re going through the very same pain currently but I had to hire it done. My shop was shut down due to a water leak in the attic so I couldn’t get to anything. Inconvenience doesn’t begin to describe it…

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