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Free Coffee Table Woodworking Plan

This plan is one where I experiment with the use of two contrasting woods along with very simple joinery techniques. Another design idea was to employ an orderly step back of components from the outer footprint of the table. For example, the lower shelf steps back from the edge of the leg and then the apron below steps back even more. I carefully worked the design so this was done in an orderly fashion. I hope you enjoy this woodworking plan.” – Jeff Branch

Coffee table: completed!

Completed. Another project wrapped up. This was a fun table to make. While simple, I did try out a few new things which were interesting. I am pleased with how it turned out. Finally, the coffee table project is completed and the old one is out. I made the clips necessary to attach the shelf and the table top to the frame which went great – this is the first time I have attached a top this way. I carried the table up from my basement shop and it now in place in our family room. First let’s take a look at the toy chest that the coffee table replaced. Worn out. This old pine toy chest served us well, but the wood the hinge is attached to is damaged, the dog has chewed on it and it has various dents and scratches from many years of use. I am going to have to pay more attention to keeping my old projects looking better. The old toy chest was necessary to hold the many toys …

Coffee table: stain and polyurethane

I have come to an anxious time in this project – time to apply stain and see if I prepared the wood properly. This is both fun and a little stressful. I have my stain picked out; Minwax Golden Oak. My finish is Minwax satin wipe-on polyurethane and it is time to get started… Brush it on. I use a chip brush and liberally apply stain to everything at once. Golden oak. I love this stain color. Oak has to be the easiest wood to stain. Ready for poly. By the time I finish brushing on the stain, I can go ahead and wipe off any excess stain. By the way, my shop lighting is so bad that I did not realize I missed staining the edge of the table top. It has since been fixed (the camera never lies!). The finish. I use a wipe-on polyurethane finish. Of all the finishes I have used over the years, this has been the easiest to apply with good results. Wipe it on. The poly is applied …