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Miter Saw Stand SketchUp Model Available in the 3D Warehouse

After several requests for the SketchUp model of the miter saw stand I built, I made the decision to put it in the 3D Warehouse where it will be easy to download. If you would like to build this stand, download the SketchUp model and take measurements off of it because there are no plans on my site for this project. It was designed by John White and was featured in Fine Woodworking magazine. The article is now out of print. To get it at the 3D Warehouse click here. Kreg features my miter saw stand on their Facebook page It was quite by coincidence that I began preparing this SketchUp model for upload the same day that Kreg featured one of my blog posts on their Facebook page. My stats went through the roof! A record day for page views beating my old record by 3x. Thanks to the folks at Kreg for doing this.

Miter Saw Stand: Adding the Kreg Precision Trak and Stop System

I have been contemplating what to do about a method to repeatedly and accurately cut boards on my new miter saw stand. I am using an article in Fine Woodworking magazine as my woodworking plan for this project. In the article titled, “Your Miter Saw Needs a Stand”, author John White utilizes the Kreg Precision Trak and Stop System. When I began approaching the point in the building process where the Kreg stop needed to be purchased, I was a little surprised by the price. At the Kreg website, it is priced at $140.00 – I thought this was high. I think I remember seeing Norm Abram create a shop made stop system, but after looking online for it or some other such method, I did not find anything significant (at least not quickly). Since I had gained a little money for my workshop fund, and as someone on Facebook pointed out, I will likely use this miter saw stand for the rest of my life, I decided to bite the bullet and get the …

Miter Saw Stand: Adding the Fences

I am beginning to tackle the final steps of the miter saw stand construction. These steps will see me building the fences which are attached to the folding side tables. Then, I will attach my DeWalt DW705 miter saw to the stand making the needed height adjustments so the saw sits at the correct height and aligns front-to-back with the fences. Finally, I’ll add a small shop vac to the cabinet and attach it to my miter saw. A major benefit of this design is dust collection which would have been a problem to attach the saw to my dust collector. Creating the fences had me searching for hardware. The fences slide out to give the miter saw stand even greater lumber support than what the already large side tables provide. Each fence is locked in place with three five-star knobs (and washer) which screw into hanger bolts surrounded by small springs. Here is what I am talking about… I had to buy these items at three different stores – Woodcraft had the knobs, Home …