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A Chest of Drawers Using SketchUp Match Photo

A while back, I saw an intriguing piece of furniture on Peter Follansbee’s website. It was a photo of a chest of drawers at a museum somewhere, can’t remember where (see it here). I thought enough of the design that I began creating it in SketchUp. I did not have any dimensions of the original. “No problem,” I thought; I’ll just draw a quick, basic version of it on graph paper, determine the overall dimensions which look right; then create a close representation of it in SketchUp. But, I then lost interest in this idea. Fortunately Peter built a version of the chest of drawers (hereafter referred as “COD”) and in one of his construction blog posts, he gave it’s rough dimensions. After Peter finished building it, I remembered a seldom used feature in SketchUp called “Match Photo.” I wondered if I could use Match Photo to create an accurate model. With a photo of the finished COD and the dimensions, Match Photo should be able to help me make a model, or could it …

Thoughts on the Fireside Chat

First, I can’t tell you how cool it is to open my YouTube app and see a SketchUp video with my name and photo on it. Sort of bizarre. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I participated in SketchUp’s 2021 3D Basecamp Fireside Chat series. This is basically an online version of their annual user conference. The thought of me speaking at a SketchUp user conference feels like a dream. Like how could they want me to present at such an event? Below is the YouTube video (it took me a moment or two to catch on to their game)… In this video, I was asked to show how I obtain realistic wood materials for my SketchUp models. Over the years of using SketchUp, I have found good images for a variety of species of wood. Everything from pine to figured walnut. Materials you just can’t find in the standard assortment of materials native to SketchUp. If you want some of the same materials I use, watch the video. I show how to …

I’ll Be Appearing at SketchUp Fireside Chat 2021!

Exciting news y’all. I’ll be a presenter at SketchUp’s 3D Basecamp Fireside Chat 2021! This is similar to me speaking at their annual user conference which is online this year due to COVID. And they call the series of presentations “Fireside Chats”. I’ll be speaking on ways to find realistic wood materials which can be applied to SketchUp models in accurate ways. As in my SketchUp model of Ron Layport’s Open Hutch in curly maple below… The Fireside Chat series begins June 16th and continues weekly ending on August 4th. My presentation will be on June 23rd at 1:00 pm central time. Other presenters during this weekly series include SketchUp users from the field of architecture, interior design, landscape design, residential design, construction and will include woodworker Izzy Swan who will talk about SketchUp and CNC design. Register for the event by clicking here. This is a fun event with music, games and tons of SketchUp tips and tricks. Try to attend.