My SketchUp Models

I use SketchUp a lot to assist in designing woodworking projects and to provide illustration for my blog posts and woodworking plans.

Click any image to start a slide show where you see the images close-up. There will be a tiny “x” in the top right corner which you can use to return to this page.

Also, see my SketchUp resources page by clicking here. It has a number of tips and links to video instruction, most of which is free.

I have begun creating in SketchUp, what I consider notable woodworking projects from Fine Woodworking magazine. These are furniture pieces which I drool over, wished I could build but probably won’t due to the size and expense of making a copy. So, I can at least make a SketchUp model of them. And at the same time force myself to do more difficult SketchUp models. These models are accurate in every way; I am pulling dimensions and molding profiles directly from the magazine articles and I have searched for accurate materials…

Ron Layport’s Open Hutch



Download this SketchUp model here.

Lonnie Bird’s Pennsylvania Secretary

Nice grain on the upper doors.

Nice grain on the upper doors.

Accurate ogee bracket feet.

Accurate ogee bracket feet.

A gigantic undertaking - the completed gallery.

A gigantic undertaking – the completed gallery.

Download this SketchUp model here.

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  1. Damon Sprouse says

    As a novice sketchup user, how would you suggest going about getting more proficient at using such software?


  2. Adrien says

    Hello Jeff, thank you for sharing you models.
    I am interesting at making a moravian bench but it don’t find your model in you warehouse (cf URL last post). Do you share it ?
    Best regards,

    • I have not put the model in the 3D Warehouse. It is based on plans by Will Myers. I think the plans which were once on his site have been removed. Popular Woodworking sells a DVD/download which should be what you need.

  3. David Wannabe Woodworker says

    Hello, Nice project drawings. On the workbench, what is the black metal appearing stock holder/vice on the right hand side, and where can I get one?

    Thank you

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